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ancient boulders in the Baltic Sea at the Swedish coast

Ancient boulders in the sea

I gotta be honest, I cannot recall how old and ancient those boulders are. They are quite famous in the area in southern Sweden. There was a huge storm that passed through the day before. The roads were blocked, the tide insanely high, chaos everywhere. And the waves continued crashing ashore. The sky still looked angry, I parked my car and I remember how much I tired to get my gas stove to work. But the wind constantly blew it out. I hid behind my car and tried to get the flame to burn. It was the best hot chocolate I ever had. There was nothing better than walking in the sand with the strong winds blowing straight in my face. It was like the world was screaming and all I could do was listening. So I did. Let’s listen to the world roar.

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