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brakkåfallet in swedish lappland during sunset


Apparently, this is a great sport for people to take a swim. If I think back to the time when I stood there, it was really crowded and quite hard to pass the right moment to take a picture without any people in it. Some people were nice and waited for me before they went ahead, but most people just happily walked into the picture. Life of a landscape photographer. It wasn’t the easiest place to get to, especially with my big camera backpack but I managed anyhow. I was lucky, the more time I spend there the more shade was around the waterfall and the more light on the stones and little canyon around it, I captured the last moment before the sun was too low on the horizon to bring any kind of light into the canyon. I love how the sun kisses the stones on the right side, and how the water around the waterfall is so calm. Like a moment frozen in time.


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