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Brudslöjan i Sverige och norge


We crossed the border into Norway three times that day if I remember correctly. Once by car because I missed the exit and twice on foot because the hiking trail wasn’t marked properly. Let me tell you, that hike was an adventure. Normally there would have been a sign saying “Brudslöjan” at the last exit before crossing the border. Normally. Not this time. So we accidentally crossed the border. So we turned around, drove back through the Norwegian customs, and stopped at the very first parking lot we found: right between the border and the Swedish customs controls. And there it was! A sign saying “Brudslöjan” laying on the ground. We found it!

Our biggest mistake was probably not eating dinner before we went on the hike. We read online it should have been a short hike so we thought we could have dinner when we are back. Big mistake. We were fine, though! That’s important to say at this point.

The trail itself was badly marked and very uneven. We followed a hiking app on my phone because it was clearer where to go. I remember how confused we were when we crossed the border to Norway again, in the middle of nowhere. Read more about this on my blog here.

“The rocks are Norway” was one of the things I still laugh about when we followed the hiking app. The rocks were Norway indeed, right at the waterfall. We took a wrong turn and followed what a thought the trail was and crossed the border back into Sweden. We finally found a small viewpoint of the waterfall and saw stairs leading down to where the water drops. We knew where we had to be! So, all the way back into Norway, down the stairs, and taking the photo! I constantly had to wipe the lens because it was covered in tiny water drops. That’s just a thing that happens when photographing waterfalls. The sun started setting in the North and I was so happy with the photo I got!

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