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Sea stacks hit with beautiful red light during sunset on the coast of Öland

We all know sunsets, most of us love watching them. Most of us look forward to the “Golden Hour”. But what if the Golden Hours turns red? And the world looks like it’s on fire? This is what happened that day. The heavy clouds blocked the horizon for most of the evening. Until the sun was just low enough and the clouds broke apart. And let me tell you, the sun went down in flames! The pure red light hit the sea stacks, kissed them Good Night.
I took this photo at the end of a long hike and I almost started my journey back home before sunset. I’m so glad I stayed the extra hour or two. But that’s what you do as photographer, right? Standing at the freezing cold sea hoping for a spectacular sunset when the forecast doesn’t look promising. It’s that little spark of hope in me that will always make me keep on going. The hope to experience nature in all it’s beauty and being able to capture it.

Thanks for viewing.

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