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I had the idea for a photo like this for a while now, but I never had the chance to actually give it a try. Until now. The camera is the oldest one I ever owned. It was a present from my grandparents. Apparently, it was produced in 1926. It’s almost 100 years old and it still works! Isn’t that truly amazing?! To be said, I also love fire. Maybe this is why I was so excited about this project as well. Don’t worry, I didn’t burn the house down. But the orange/red light trails from the sparklers remind me a little of fire. Lighting sparklers is the closest I can get to any kind of fire these days. It gave me the chance to be a little creative with what I have at home.

This picture was taken in my garage (and it smelled like fireworks even days after). And of course, I decided that the perfect time to try this is when the temperatures just hit -15°C. It was cold in the garage, very cold. But worth it! If you look very closely. you can see a little haze in the background. I can’t tell anymore if that’s from my breath or the smoke from the sparklers. Anyway, it adds to the atmosphere. I like the contrast of the freezing cold air and the hot fire. It also reflects a moment of stillness for me. A moment between hot and cold, excitement and calmness.

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