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hallamölla vattenfall in southern Sweden during autumn with leaves in the foreground

Four seasons - Autumn

This photo is part of a project I started years ago. But now it’s time to let the world see it in all its unfinished beauty. The plan was to capture the same location during the four main seasons throughout the year. And until this day it’s still one of my favourite locations. Getting there is always exciting. There is only a small gravel road leading through the forest to a tiny parking lot. I remember the chill air, the leaves turning all the different colours, You could feel the approaching winter. And winter is coming fast. Autumn is fairly short in Sweden, the transition between summer and winter goes by in a blink of an eye. And still, there is a certain calmness on just sitting by the water and listening, The water rushing, birds singing, the wind in the trees. There is a certain beauty in this stillness. Autumn will be remembered, three more images to go.

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