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hällingsåfallet in swedish lappland


The pity with this image is that I had a different image in mind that I wanted to capture. But for this image, I needed to be in a specific spot to capture the waterfall and the canyon that follows. The problem was that the spot was closed off due to the risk of collapse. Which I get, of course. And I definitely don’t wanna be the reason why it collapsed and even less did I want to stand on it when it collapsed. Before I settled for the spot above I walked around the entire area multiple times. I saw the viewpoint from the other side and I gotta say, it looked very fragile and like it was only a matter of time until this whole thing is coming down. The spot where this image was taken was on the left-hand side of the viewpoint., and still turned out pretty good. The waterfall seems so majestic, so powerful as it crashes down into the deep. I still remember the sound of it when I look at the picture above. Apart from the crashing water, it was pretty silent around the area, so you could hear the waterfall before you were even able to see it.


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