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mountain valley with giant boulders in the north of sweden
Being alone in the mountains has it’s own scent of magic, especially places like this. A secret valley, hidden in the ancient mountains in the very far north of Sweden. Those giant boulders tell stories from the last Ice Age and can be as tall as houses or even taller. Magic found it’s place here. Fog rolled in over the mountain tops during my hike. This path led to an even greater place that I am very excited to share soon, too!

What fascinates me is the pure nature, untouched. This place isn’t part of any tourist guide of the region. Barely anyone knows it even exists. A place where fairytales and trolls can come back to life for those who believe in it. And this is what I captured in this image. The pure nature and loneliness from the mountains. A kind of loneliness that doesn’t make you feel alone, rather like you are on top of the world.

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