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shoe with match stick figures

Sometimes we all are looking for a creative outlet, especially when we’re stuck at home most of the time. Especially after a year spent indoors, we need something else to do. That’s when I decided to try something new. As many others too, I wasn’t able to go and discover places. I needed something practical, something that I could photograph around the house. And this is the result. Sometimes extreme boredom leads to creativity. Crafting those little match stick figures took longer than I first expected and they take forever to dry and be stable enough. But once they dried out, I was able to use them and put them in different scenarios. This is one of them. What it means? I believe everyone can interpret this image differently. We all are able to see different aspects, connect different emotions.

“I got you”, is how I decided to name this image. I got you, I’ll try keeping the weight off your shoulders for a while. I won’t let the world crush on top of you. I got you when you feel like you hit rock bottom.

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