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This is an image of Mt. Åreskutan. The place where I took this photo from was a 5km hike from the parking lot uphill. I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of walking uphill. I was glad I brought my hiking poles along, they made it a lot easier for me. The original plan was to go on that mountain instead of viewing it from a distance. But the plan had to change because of the weather conditions. It was stormy and extra windy this afternoon, so they had to close the cable lift that was taking you halfway up the mountain. I could have hiked up without the cable lift, but honestly, I didn’t feel it was worth it with the fog. The view would have been blocked and I wasn’t prepared for a 6 hour hike uphill. This is how I ended up at this location where I took the photo. It’s showing the summit of Mt. Åreskutan covered in the fog that was rolling in over the mountain tops. A beautiful moody picture!

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