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I can’t believe I finally have an image of Ristafallet in my portfolio as well. It was fairly easy to find this composition since the place where you can stand is very limited. It is just a beautiful waterfall. This photo was taken on my birthday, if I remember correctly. I never noticed I loved waterfalls until I noticed all the images of waterfalls on my SD cards. And I still love them! Especially the ones in Northern Sweden. They are so powerful and impressive. I wouldn’t be able to choose a favourite one, though.

This waterfall is only a short hike from the parking lot, across a camping ground. There is even a designated parking area right before the camping ground so you don’t have to worry about that at all. People typically don’t stay long there, except they are photographers. There are so many different compositions and areas to explore, it’s an amazing location. The moody sky just adds to the picture. I still feel the small water droplets on my skin, the mist coming from the falling water. Is that somewhere you would love to go as well? Let me know!

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