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Waterfall flowing through boulders in swedish Lapland in summer

Seven waterfalls hidden away

This waterfall is part of the so-called “Seven Waterfall” hike in Lapland. I remember it was insanely hot that day. You wouldn’t expect the temperatures to rise to high in Lapland but there we were.. hiking in 26 degree weather but barely any shade. So sun protection is so important, especially when you go into the mountains above the tree line. There is no more shade since there are no more trees, only boulders and bushes. I got a really bad sunburn that day that hurt for days after. So anyway, I decided to leave the original trail and follow my instincts. They lead me towards the river. That’s when I first heard the waterfall and started to follow the sounds of it. And there it was, hidden between the boulders. And the magic happened.

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