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Small waterfall in southern Sweden with a sun star and a mossy green foreground

What a contrast the waterfalls throughout Sweden are! This is a tiny waterfall I discovered on one of my hikes in Hallands Län, a beautiful state on the west coast of Sweden. Of course, this is no comparison to the huge waterfalls in the North of the country. but we got to work with what we got! And I believe it worked out quite well. I really like discovering those small places on the roads less traveled. I waited for hours until the sun was in the right spot so it hits the green moss and makes it glow a little bit. Would you believe me when I tell you that there was still quite some snow just behind that hill? I find it hard to believe it myself. Every time I look at this photo I feel spring and summer and warmth! In reality, it was about 0° C and just at the end of the harsh winter we had. Happy Spring!

Thanks for viewing.

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