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The beacon by the shore, a lighthouse at the Swedish coast at sunset

The beacon by the shore

Imagine it like this: after a long day hiking I spent the evening at the sandy beach. It was warm that day, not a single breeze. I was sitting in the sand, watching and listening to the waves. I closed my eyes a little while listening to the singing birds. When I opened my eyes again, I decided I wanted to explore the area. With flip flops. As one does. There was a trail doing to the nearby hill going along the shore. I thought that’d be perfect for a nice evening stroll. The trail got slippery fast. I also cannot recommend going on a hike with flip flops. Looking back, that was a stupid decision. Anyway, I made it to the top of the hill and had a beautiful view over the area and ocean. I noticed the sun started setting and it would probably be dark soon. So I started the hike back, On the way I passed this little lighthouse. It’s been abandoned for quite a while now. But the boulders around it, the pink sky… I just had to stop. I quickly unpacked by camera and took a few shots. Then I framed up the perfect picture and set up my tripod. As I was waiting for the clouds to turn pink, I was noticed by a few hikers that passed by. The asked if they could give me some company so we all sat down, talked and became friends. (If you’re reading this – Hi Alex!). Most of the clouds disappeared while the sun was setting. But I still love how pink everything was.

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