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Kvarnfalle next to an abandoned mill

The Mill's waterfall

This panorama consists of 9 single images stitched together, Especially stitching water together needs at least 3 coffees and a lot of patience.
The Mill itself was abandoned a long time ago. The front of it still functions as cafe these days. There is a small trail going across the river. I followed and came out the other side. It was a hot summer day and the cold water was an amazing refreshment. I tend to spend time relaxing at possible photo locations before I unpack the camera, That gives me the chance to wind down and open up my perspective. I don’t want to rush the images, I believe they come to me. Or they wanna be found. And that works a lot better when I give myself the time to settle down first.  I was missing some shade on that day. I was mainly sitting in the sun and ended up a pretty burned neck. So.. bring sunscreen or other sun protection!

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