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image of a plateau waterfall in swedish lapland

The Plateau Waterfall

The image above was taken right before I took a swim. It was really hot that day and I needed to cool down. I gotta admit, quite some time passed since I took this picture. Right in the middle of vildmarksvägen in Swedish Lappland. I also ended up with a really bad sunburn on that day – so whenever you’re out and about, remember the sunscreen! Your body will thank you. Anyway, I stayed around until sunset but the clouds didn’t catch any color. So I decided to go with this image instead. Sure, we all know that harsh sunlight is difficult to photograph, and let’s be honest, most of the time it’s not really exciting either. But I think it fits this image. It supports the story it’s supposed to tell. The water has this beautiful blue shade, and the waterfall itself seems to smooth and calm. A good thing was that there were barely any people around and if they were, they left after a short swim. There is something soothing about being alone at a remote location.

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