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Forsaleden Vattenfall i Jämtland

The turquoise waterfall

The turquoise waterfall.  I remember spending hours at this there, trying to find the right composition before I settled down for a 5-shot panorama image. And this is the result! I wasn’t alone at the waterfall. I met people there to talk about photography with me and we ended up exchanging Instagram names, which was tricky because there was barely any internet connection.  Hi to you guys, if you are reading this.
That’s what I love about places like this. No internet, just pure nature. The connection. The feeling. The magic. That is something I wish I could feel and experience every day. But this is what makes places like this special.

I sat down after I arrived, ate my sandwich, and took in all impressions. I became familiar with the area before I unpacked my camera. To be fair, it was fairly warm on that day as well. First, I went into the water to cool off a bit. I really needed that! Then I walked around. Viewed the waterfall from different perspectives. I finally unpacked my camera and walked around, handheld. To find the right composition. I tried a few different ones. Horizontally with my wide-angle lens, vertically as well. I tried close-ups with my zoom lens, as well. Until I settled down for a wide-angle panorama shot. I’m happy with it!

But why is it called “The turquoise waterfall”? Because sometimes, when you’re lucky enough to be there at the right time, the water shines in turquoise tones. Was I lucky? Well, a little I’d say. It was a hot summer’s day, and the sun was shining. If the water wasn’t dirty, I’m sure it would have been turquoise!

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