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tvärfallet in swedish lapland during summer


Finding the trail to this little waterfall was a little tricky. It was hidden among overgrown bushes and I could only park the car on the road with no car park. Fun times! Anyway, as I got out of the car I immediately started looking for the beginning of the trail. It took forever to find, but I managed eventually. The trail itself lead through the forest and passed by a cliff. Little did I know that I had to climb down that cliff to reach my spot. What an adventure that was. I climbed down and there was only the waterfall, the little lake in front of it and some boulders to sit on. The area itself was very secluded and I couldn’t hear anything beside the waterfall. I grabbed my camera and played around for a bit. I tried different angles, perspectives etc. but in the end, I decided to slow down and have pan pizza for dinner first. The sun started to set slightly (as much as it actually can set in summer in the North) and specks of light appears on the boulders. It was time to grab my camera again! I set up the frame and waited patiently for the perfect light. And there it was, I still hear the water rushing and birds singing in the background when I look at this images now.

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