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Let’s go on an adventure together!

I love the North. I always believed there is something magical about being so far up north, the sun doesn’t set in the summer or doesn’t rise in the winter. Seeing the Northern Lights can make you feel so small and suddenly the world feels even bigger than it actually is. It’s the peacefulness, the simple life, that always fascinated me.

When I was asked what I would do for my 21st birthday, I didn’t know what to say. The world was in quarantine, my family was more than 1500 kilometers away and we are unable to see each other, and I was just by myself. Me, myself and I. I am not someone who cares a lot about birthdays, but I also decided against sitting alone in my apartment waiting for time to pass by. And this is how my adventure started. A 7-day road trip to the North of Sweden. 3000 km back and forth, and I was heading towards one of the best trips I ever decided to do. Experiencing Swedish Lapland’s beautiful landscape in summer when the sun doesn’t set, I have never been so active with 24 hours of daylight. It did feel surreal! Seeing the actual sun at midnight is something I never experienced before, and I would love to experience it again.

A trip full of adventures, new experiences, photography, hiking in the mountains, and much more. A truly unforgettable experience that just reinforced my love for the North. Are you interested what adventures I was on and want to read about stories from Swedish Lapland? I will blog about it and you are able to follow me on my trip!

7 Days – 3000km – Beyond the Arctic Circle – Let’s go on an adventure together!

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