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Back To The North – The one where I left.

Going on a trip is always such a big adventure, especially when you going places you planned on visiting years ago! For me, that was Vildmarksvägen in Northern Sweden/Southern Lapland. Come on an adventure with me!

Going to the north always feels a bit like coming home for me. Coming home to a place where “extreme” is part of nature: extreme brightness in summer, extreme darkness in winter, extreme weather changes all year around. This has always been something I can relate to. On the side, you can see the first camping site. Wildcamping is allowed in Sweden so it was fairly easy for my partner and I to find a suitable spot.

It shouldn’t come as surprise that we visited so many waterfalls along the way! I didn’t noticed I was obsessed with waterfalls until I saw the hundreds and thousands of images of waterfalls on my SD. It should even less come as surprise, that the very first stop on the way to the North was a tiny waterfall, as well. Was it portfolio worth it? Probably not. I could see the potential, though. To be said, it was the middle of summer and it didn’t rain for a while. So it makes sense that most waterfalls ran out of water. I didn’t take any photos, otherwise I’d show you. But believe me, it was a cute tiny waterfall!

Below, you are able to see a little preview of a few images that I will be releasing soon. If you want to know the full stories behind them, stay tuned! Meanwhile, have a look at the first image I release from the North here.

The trip will take you from southern Sweden all the way to Lapland with passing by Östersund and Vildmarksvägen!

I am finally back here and excited to share the whole road trip with you! Stay tuned for more adventure stories from the North of Sweden!

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