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Handölsforsen i Jämtland


We actually camped at this waterfall. How impressive it was camping next to this beauty! I think this was even the first time, I slept next to a waterfall. It was a little louder than expected and I’m sensitive to sounds, but with earplugs, it was a nice soothing sound that made me fall asleep fast.

However, to get to this specific spot we had to hike uphill for a bit. Again. By now, a lot of you who are reading this probably know how much I hate hiking uphill. “Everything for the photos!” is what I tell myself if it gets tough. That’s also the answer to the question of why I do the things I do.

The waterfall itself is 110m high which makes it the largest waterfall in the area. It is rather longer than high and the viewpoint gives you a great sight over the upper falls. There is no 90-degree angle so it’s not as impressive as Tännforsen or Ristafallet. The water rushes down supported by an underlying rock formation. A suspension bridge makes it possible for you to cross the waterfall itself and reach the viewpoint where I took this photo.

I love how impressive the water looks, and how green the grass shines. We were there in late July which is already the end of summer in the area. And yet, we still got to see this beauty as if it was just spring.

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