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The turquoise waterfall

The turquoise waterfall.  I remember spending hours at this there, trying to find the right…

Sweden's largest waterfall Tännforsen in Jämtland in Northern Sweden


  Tännforsen in Northern Sweden, the largest waterfall. What an incredible location and I had…

Photograph of Ristafallet in Jämtland in Northern Sweden


I can't believe I finally have an image of Ristafallet in my portfolio as well.…

Silverfallet in Northern Lapland in Sweden outside of the Abisko National Park

The Power Of Water

I will always be impressed how powerful waterfalls can be. If I think back to…

Small waterfall in southern Sweden with a sun star and a mossy green foreground

Sun Stars Waterfall

What a contrast the waterfalls throughout Sweden are! This is a tiny waterfall I discovered…

A frozen waterfall with ice bubbles and icicles. A bridge is going over the waterfall in Skåne in southern Sweden

Frozen Waterfall, Pt.1

Who remembers winter? Well, I certainly do. I love winter and seeing frozen waterfalls will…

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